10 tips that could be useful to make extra profit when you want to sell your car. These are actionable and helpful tips to successfully sell your car.

1/ Make it look nice
When you plan to sell your car, wash it and make sure it looks perfect. You want to extract the best possible value

2/ Know what’s the right price
Check comparables and prices for similar cars. You will get a better sense of what is the right price. When I decided to sell my car, it was really helpful.

3/ Spread the word
These days, there are tons of ways to tell people you sell your car, use it! Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist,…

4/ Understand seller’s position
Try to ask questions to potential seller to understand their position. It might not be only about the price and you might be able to get more value from your car.

5/ Expand the pie before dividing it
When you negotiate the sale of your car, try to be creative to find ways to expand the pie. Your seller might be willing to make some concessions that could help you extract more value.

Take your time to find the right seller at the right price! Enjoy!

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