1/ Your car is a machine and you need to take care of it

A car is a machine and you need to take care of that machine. You need to change oil, battery regularly…

2/ If there is a problem, fix it right away

A car is like your body. If your car has an issue, you need to fix it as soon as possible otherwise it could get worse…

3/ Prevent potential issues and make regular checks

Don’t hesitate to make regular checks to make sure your car has no specific issues. It will not cost you much and you will avoid a lot of issues.

4/ Sell it at the right price

Value of your car depreciates quickly but if you are not in a rush and just wait to sell it at the right price. Be a tough negotiator!

5/ Do not buy a car and rent a car when you need a car

If you don’t really need a car, do not buy one. Get cabs and rent a car (like Car Hire UK, Hertz or Thrifty) when you have to leave for the weekend. It will be a more cost efficient option and you won’t have to bother with your car. On top of that, when you rent a car, you can get a very nice car!


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