Trying to improve gas mileage on a truck is not very easy. The best way to increase the mileage is to do little things. You must keep your engine running correctly, get annual tune-ups , and oil changes. There are many ways of getting better gas mileage; one is to get a cold air intake installed in your truck. It is not the cheapest route, as it will cost around $1,000. Cold air intake allows cold air molecules, which are close together, to pass through your engine making both your horsepower and your gas mileage go up. Another popular way would be getting a Fuel Efficent Superchip: however it isn’t cheap either, running an average of $300. The option I perfer and recommend you look at would be getting your wheels aligned. It is a cheap way(around $50) to increase gas mileage. This makes your truck to ride smoothly and decreases friction between the ball joint and wheel.

The best and easiest way to get better gas mileage is to use your truck wisely. Don’t accelerate hard; if you accelerate hard constantly it will decrease your gas mileage anywhere from 2 to 10 miles per gallon. Also, if you are waiting for more than a minute it would be recommended to trun of your truck. Letting it idle for extended peroids of time uses a large amount of unneeded gas. However don’t start and stop your truck if, for example, you’re stuck waiting in traffic. Starting and stopping your truck too often  is very harmful. There are many ways to increase gas mileage, these are just a few.

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