At Rick’s Mobile RV Service, it’s our pleasure to bring you fast, reliable service for your RV repair needs – and to offer you information about RV camping and all the challenges that can come with it.

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Our Story 

It was several years ago that Rick’s Mobile RV Service was born.

We were in the golden years of retirement from our automotive and handyman business, when we’d saved enough to buy ourselves a beautiful RV that we could use to cruise around the area — and far beyond. We were lucky enough to buy a nearly-new RV that gave us very few problems.

But as we began to get to know the people in the RV parks we’d visit, we noticed that many of them weren’t as lucky. They were plagued by little problems, that when not fixed, became bigger and bigger ones. Before they knew it, our RV friends would have serious issues with water damage, brakes, plumbing or other systems. If only they’d had someone to help them early on, we thought, things could have turned out a lot differently for those people.

With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before we began to use our handyman and auto repair skills to help our fellow RV enthusiasts keep their RVs in tip top shape. We started by fixing the odd awning or appliance for free, and eventually moved onto to full-scale roof repairs and more – for pay of course! And since RVs are decidedly hard to move around when they’re incapacitated, it was only natural that we would come to our friends – and customers – instead of asking them to come to us.

Before we knew it, Rick’s Mobile RV Service was an official company, with a team of skilled professionals on our team. Today, we’re the mobile RV service you can count on to offer you fair estimates, accurate pricing, and a job done right. We handle all types of RV repairs and maintenance, aimed at ensuring you get back to the fun of RV’ing as quickly as possible!

These days, our ownership team (that’s us!) still finds the time to hit the RV parks in our local area for a little R&R, while the rest of our experienced mobile repair team handles your calls and answers your questions. So whoever you happen to get on the phone, you can rest assured that you’ll get in contact with someone who understands your needs – and also understands that time is of the essence when it comes to RV repair.

From the entire team at Rick’s Mobile RV Service, we look forward to working with you soon!

Give us a call or email our team for a quote on your RV repair job today – or simply browse our website for information on RV camping.